Power ‘might’ be off during Santa Ana winds Mon-Tues

Hi neighbors

Have you gotten your phone call yet from SDG&E? Do they have your correct phone number? This is the context of the message: “High winds associated with a Red Flag Warning could cause outages or require SDG&E to turn off power for public safety. If outages do occur, the power will stay off until it can be restored safely. During an outage, estimated power restoration information is updated as it becomes available.”  FYI.

SDGE site to check windspeed: https://www.sdge.com/tools/windspeed-dashboard


Dale B

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Water turned off temporarily

Due to a fire hydrant problem – the water is turned off in our neighborhood. Water department aware and working on it – no time window given to turn it back on.

10am Saturday October 21

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Construction at bottom of grade

Many of you may have noticed, but the City of Escondido has finally started work on expanding another small section of Valley Parkway driving north to the grade.

Here is a newspaper article link: https://www.valleycenter.com/articles/esco-city-manager-announces-beginning-of-e-valley-pkwy-roadwork/

Happy October!

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Look for a neighborhood party soon!

Look for a neighborhood party in early October, 2017.
ALSO – remember the traffic gets pretty bad going down the grade on weekends in October due to Bates Pumpkin Festivities.

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Hi neighbors

Hot and windy, not a good combination for our Valley Center area. I’m going to send out our latest contact list – and please let me know if you have any questions about how to remain secure during this early fire season. The latest word is that many of these fires around San Diego County have been arson. Be alert, report any suspicious activity!

Your neighbor – Dale

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Gate broken Tuesday 4/15/2014

Howdy neighbors!

First of all – thank you to our alert neighbors (Joel, Sue, Julie) that texted me and let me know the gate was broken. Upon inspection, the weld had broken on the left hand gate (facing towards the community). Upon closer inspection, it is clear that someone hit the gate with their car, which snapped the welded hinge.

Priority Doors and Gates came out right away to inspect, then fixed the gate Wednesday morning.

That’s the update.

Dale B

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Some difficulties with gate yesterday

Monday afternoon/evening for some reason all our phone numbers and gate codes disappeared from our gate directory.

They have been re-installed as of Tuesday afternoon, and I went down to the gate directory box and tried out almost all the codes (they worked) and phone numbers.

If you run into any issues, please just email me – but we should be back up to speed.

Also, FYI: the Fix household is hosting a party Saturday, and asked permission for people to park along Toyon Ridge on one side of the street.

Your neighbor,


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