Look for a flyer to be posted on your door Sunday (today). Some good reminders –

  • Now that we have our new neighbors, we need everyone to fill out the contact sheet and get it back to me by Wednesday. That way I can type it up and hand it out at our fire hose practice.
  • Fire hose practice Sunday 4pm at cul-de-sac.
  • We will have the gates open Monday (Halloween) from 5pm until about 9pm. We don’t get a lot of neighborhood kids, but we will get a few! Careful driving in the area.
  • Gate maintenance Nov 1 8am down by gate if you need your car sync’d or another gate opener. Please remember, the gate is for security, so use good judgement handing out gate codes and gate openers.
  • Upcoming news – we’ll be planning and setting the date for street resealing soon.
  • Upcoming – Holiday progressive party. We’ll need volunteers.

Please get your contact info back to me by Wednesday. Thanks!

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