Some things to prepare for street resurfacing

Hi neighbors…

A few things to consider with the upcoming street resurfacing (remember, street repair of a few damaged areas is November 9, and full street resurfacing is November 16). Toyon Ridge will be closed Nov 16 all day/night.

  1. No water from lawn sprinklers or run off 24 hours before or after – please turn off any sprinkler that might overspray, or drain onto the street.
  2. Look at your service schedule – maids, landscapers, propane, septic, bottled water, deliveries, charity pickups, anything that you might have scheduled for Wednesday, 11/16 will need to be changed.
  3. Plan your transportation, the street will close at about 6 or 7am, and then be closed for 24 hours. Jim Wold has said we can park in his cul-de-sac for that overnight period.
  4. All bushes, vines, ground cover that overhangs the curb must be trimmed back. Please sweep up trimmings prior to street resurfacing.
I’m sure there will be other checklists – but this should help get everyone thinking about our upcoming street resurfacing. Thanks neighbors. Dale
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