Toyon Calendar

Please note that we do have a calendar that I keep updated.

I’ll put gate maintenance, upcoming social events, and other stuff on it. Click on the link below to check it out.

Toyon Ridge Calendar



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2 Responses to Toyon Calendar

  1. Jim Wold says:

    Good morning, just to let you know that we will start the Banbury weed mowing sometime toward the end of April and then again prior to July 4th and this time I would like to include that area North of Banbury @ Valley Center Road. Also Valley View Ranch is suppose to make “gate upgrades/changes” ??? in the next few weeks. Not quite sure what that means yet and should only affect the gate @ the end of Banbury and not the Tee Lee gate. I have a clue as what I think is goin on but I will wait and see, more to come I’m sure……………….

  2. Jim Wold says:

    Dale, just to let you know, the county roads “should” start work next week (5-29) on clearing some of the tree and brush that we didn’t get mowed. the delay is waiting for a piece of equiptment (large mowing machine with an articulating arm) that can reach the higher places. This will most likely take a day. Have a great and safe Memorial weekend………………..
    President Sherwood Heights

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