Quarterly gate maintenance scheduled Friday Oct 5

Hi neighbors

Michael from Home Security Gates will be out to check and service our gate (scheduled quarterly maintenance) Friday, October 5 at 8am.

If you would like your car “tuned in” to open the gate, please check in with him at that time. If you need an extra gate remote (car remote or key chain), please let me know asap and he can bring it out for you.



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2 Responses to Quarterly gate maintenance scheduled Friday Oct 5

  1. Moira Mallon says:

    Dale, As it turns out, for weeks now both of our two car remotes have not been
    working at all (we’ve just been using our code on the gate pad). We’ve
    already tried several times putting new batteries in them, but to no

    We’d like to have Michael take a look at the car remotes Friday morning
    and see if he can get them working again… We can either come down to the
    gate @ 8am and meet him there, or we can bring the car remotes over to
    your house ahead of time? Just let me know what you want me to do. But I
    suppose just so we are covered either way, can you please ask Michael to
    bring two new car remotes, just in case he can’t get our current ones
    working again? Thanks so much, Moira & Larry

  2. Jim Wold says:

    Dale be sure my private access code(s) remains intact.

    Thanks Jimbo


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