Fire on Lilac

Hi neighbors

This is an email string from Bob Calderone and Sue Fix regarding a fire in the Valley Center area (Lilac) road. This is FYI only, and a good reminder to make sure you’ve knocked down the brush around your house, and around the street.

11:50am (Bob C) Neighbors- HEADS UP- FIRE ON LILAC (4 miles away)

11:57am (Sue F) Thanks. I just read that it is contained. Let us know if you hear anything further.

12:01pm (Bob C) Just talked to a friend who lives right there. Sounds like the fire department is doing a really good job! Life in Valley Center…

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Neighbors, please sign up so we can get our contact list updated!

Hi Toyon Ridge Neighbors

Please see the link below – fill out the form and subscribe (don’t worry, I’m not selling Amway or anything). Let’s get our neighborhood list updated with the latest info of our residents!

Sign up for T0yon Ridge Contact List (click here)

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Gate Maintenance Update

Michael will be at the front gate to reprogram remotes and cars March 8 – 5pm – 7pm.

Hopefully that works with everyone’s schedule! Let me know if you have questions!

Your neighbor – Dale B

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Gate maintenance and reprogramming

Hi Toyon Neighbors!

We have a complete neighborhood again with new residents (Tanya and Scott) moving in!

Since we have had 3 neighbors move away with their cars / truck still programmed to open our gate, we’ll need to completely reprogram remote openers and cars for everyone.

Michaelhas SUGGESTED 7am – 9am Friday, March 8(TBD). I’ve asked him to perhaps come Friday evening (for all us working folk). We’ll confirm times shortly. When we do have the time confirmed, you’ll bring your car and/or remote and he’ll reprogram to the new frequency. Along with this, all households will be given new codes. They’ll be broken down this way:

  1. Every household will be given a PRIVATE code – this is yours for household members only. Don’t give to guests, visitors, landscapers, etc.
  2. Every household will be given a ‘maid/contractor’ code: This is a code with the same in/out rights, but we can easily replace it if you’ve given it to a visitor or someone that you wish at some time to NOT have the code.
  3. Every household will have a community “contractor” code with some basic limitations (can’t enter before 5am or after 9pm), and that will rotate every 3 months.
  4. Service codes for UPS, VC Propane, etc will remain the same.
  5. Remember if you have a social event and would just like the gate locked open for a few hours – let me know a couple days in advance. This is rare, but can be done.

IF YOU NEED A NEW REMOTE – let me know ASAP and Michael can bring them Friday, March 8. Cost is $35. If you have a multi-code or Universal lift master, Michael should be able to program that as well.

Thanks! Dale

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Wednesday gate will be open until 8pm

Hi neighbors

Boo! It is Halloween, and we’ll lock the community gate open until about 8pm.


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Quarterly gate maintenance scheduled Friday Oct 5

Hi neighbors

Michael from Home Security Gates will be out to check and service our gate (scheduled quarterly maintenance) Friday, October 5 at 8am.

If you would like your car “tuned in” to open the gate, please check in with him at that time. If you need an extra gate remote (car remote or key chain), please let me know asap and he can bring it out for you.



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Gate Maintenance Tuesday, June 6/19

Heads up that Michael will be out for his quarterly gate maintenance Tuesday, 6/19 between 1-3pm.

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